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Crystal Non Stick Cookware.

Crystal is the official licensee of the Dupont Teflon Platinum brand.

All cookwares manufactured by Crystal are quality tested and then sealed with the dupont trademark.

Crystal Non Stick cookware are manufactured from high quality 3mm thick aluminium only. The base metal i.e aluminium is of premium quality and is tested for impurities before manufacturing any utensils. After deep drawing the utensil shape the vessel is thoroughly cleaned and degreased to guarantee a long lasting finish and hygiene standards.

Crystal non stick cookwares are then coated with the 3 coat Teflon Platinum coating.
The first coat is the reinforced primer which fortifies abrasion-resistance and enhances overall durability.
The second coat is the reinforced mid coat which enhances scratch and abrasion resistance.
The top coat provides outstanding surface integrity.

The 3-Coat process ensures long life and is metal spatula friendly.

After coating the vessels are baked in the technologically advanced industrial furnace to ensure the bonding between all the 3 layers is perfect.

The Teflon Platinum coatings are FDA complaint. (Food Grade Approved)

The handles are antislip grip with stylish look and convenience.

Riveted handles ensure long life of the handle.

Advertisement points.
     1. Healthy cooking with less Oil.
     2. Easy to clean.
     3. Metal friendly.
     4. Durable since it is 3 coat system.
     5. Dupont licensee-Teflon Platinum.
     6. Strong handle.
     7. Crystal ensures superior quality cookware. Try healthy cooking.

     1. FDA complaint coating.
     2. Anti Slip grip with stylish look and convenience.
     3. Riveted handle for long life.
     4. Free use of metal spatula.
     5. 3 coat Teflon® Platinum coating.
     6. 12 months warranty.


Look for  Registered Trademark for Quality & avoid DUPLICATES !

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