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The Crystal range of lighters are manufactured from special grade rust proof stainless surgical steel and high quality virgin ABS Plastic Grannals of different colors preferred by the consumers.

The Crystal range of Lighters contain German Piezo element which gives immediate spark when ignited. Piezo element used in Crystal lighter is double the size compared to other lighter element and gives one million sparks ensuring strong bright spark for immediate gas stove light up.

Crystal Lighters Quality

Ordinary Lighters Quality

Crystal piezo


Ordinary piezo


All the components used in Crystal Lighter  are manufactured only from Virgin grade grannals like Absolac, Poply Propline, Nylon, PVC etc., according to the function of individual component of lighter to   strengthen the durablity of Lighter  All the components used in Ordinery Lighter are manufactured from low grade Grannal, mixed, and not in accordance to the function of individual component of lighter thus reducing the durablity of Lighter. 



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